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  1. noob_memer

    Pvp plugin help

    Is there any plugin out there that remove item dropping and is there any plugin that makes that when someone kills somebody they will get items
  2. noob_memer

    Kits plugin help

    Also which plugin can clean drop items and players inv when they died
  3. noob_memer

    Kits plugin help

    So is there any plugin that can stop people from spamming /kit (kit name) to get ing healing like when they are using a kit they can’t use another one unless they died i am having problem where they spam kits to get healing if there isn’t any plugins like this I will just add cooldown
  4. Bump no one is on the sever I want to see people fighting with the kits so I know which kit I have to nerf or buff
  5. Do /join beehivepvp to join it pls I am new do /kit and I might make alpha tester kits
  6. I am new and I made a pvp sever can you class try it out to see if anything is wrong and give me some suggest I want to one day be a good sever on minehut here /join beehivepvp is best to play with a friend because not really many people joins so pls support the sever
  7. Didn’t really help I can’t use /kit or /kits when I am deop
  8. Like I made some kit with essentials and when my friend riot got on and do /kit (kit name) when he is deop he can’t get the kit how do I give people that aren’t op the permission to use /kit or /kit (kit name)
  9. Can you /kill or the sever just crash when you join deleteing the sever might be a way
  10. So essentials removed the kit thing(the one that let you give permission to use /kit) what plugin can replace that since people that are not op in my sever can’t use kits that I made
  11. Thing went well but do you guys have any name suggestions? is now call suravil because idk why do /join suravil to support me XD
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