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  1. Im not sure tho, I think mods need more of a briefing as such
  2. Yes, then why do all the mods say different things... Lots of what I have said has not been spamming chat and the caps have sometimes been less that 50% and still I get muted.
  3. Hello, I have been muted multiple times for multiple offences of spam and excessive caps, however the staff team constantly change the rules in the games. After asking different staff members, this is what they said should be used as a "cooldown" for lobby advertisements: - 10 minutes - 5 minutes - 4 minutes - 3 minutes - 1 minute - 30 seconds - As long as you can not see it any more in the chat Here is what they have said for caps (all for more than 30 chars): - 50% caps - 60% caps - 40% caps - 80% caps
  4. With Minehut's new bedrock edition server, I believe it would be a great way to gain players if Minehut became a partner server. This would allow console players to join bringing a load of new players as well as people who want to join our servers but can't. All they need to become a partner server is: Hosting experience (LOADS) A registered business (They probably have one) A minecraft partner account (To get one you just need the two above) A hosted server I think it would be a brilliant feature and a way to gain a lot more players due to the d
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