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  1. when I try doin @p it says cant find player
  2. oh and im tryin to work with multiverse with command block teleporters but it wont work canu help later?
  3. I play in servers with all sort of plugins multiverse and mods ranks shops gamemodes different games like skyblock survival and that
  4. I play epic servers and I just need some helpers that's all
  5. can u join my server and meet me there in my server itll be easier to talk about my server
  6. guys for some reason I keep restarting Minecraft and the server but still wheni try join it says failed to log in: invalid session (try restarting your game and the launcher )
  7. yes right now its still in progress im thinking of having a hermitcraft like survival,skyblock,spleef and so on but right now it is kinda new and I am hiring staff to work on there also XD please help me make a group
  8. okay hi guys ! my new server comunworld is up for grabs only players aloud at mo is 10 sorry but we will build a stable community also new applications for staff are available server address : comunworld.minehut.gg by maxjemery
  9. maxjemery24

    my server

    my server is comunworld ip is comunworld.minehut.gg if you want to join just join we are now hiring staff for it at start we are building the lobby and suggestions are aloud :D
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