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  1. I have 2 servers. the first one i play with others. the second one i dont use at all. so i want to switch the second one from java to bedrock. is that possible?
  2. @InfamousJackson i am the only operator
  3. well now i know it is not the plugins fault. it worked on the other server. guess i will just not use it. Thanks @PyroDellz
  4. @PyroDellz I'll try that hope it works. Thanks @PyroDellz for the help so far
  5. @PyroDellz dont watch it if you have epilepsy. here is a video:
  6. @PyroDellz Still Doesn't Work
  7. @PyroDellz Nope. Still doesn't work.
  8. @PyroDellz I just fall down to the void and die
  9. @TheRustySpud Sorry new to Minehut Forums
  10. So my Spectator mode wont work. i have not done anything to the server files except adding minehut plugins. I have these plugins on my server: BackToTheRoots (1.8 Pvp) Crazy Encantments DeathCoordinates Emerald Tools Essentials Itemizer Lockette StoneTreasures Trade+ Vein Miner. The issue is that when in spectator mode. i can't fly at all. but i can in creative. please help. Thx
  11. My enderchests on my server wont open. my normal chests does
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