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  1. Can I see the evidence please? If the recording does show that I was somehow hacking may I have the ban shortend?
  2. Username: NKplayz What punishment did you receive: Hacking. I think it meant Killaura (permanent ban) Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: I wasn't hacking I was on a client called Badlion Client it does not have any mods that give you unfair advantages im pretty sure that my ban was caused by my ping, normally when I go on servers with high ping I sometimes get banned. The mods i had enabled when I got banned was Old animations mod, Transparent chat, Coordinates mod, Enchant glint (shows the shiny thing when something is enchanted), FPS HUD, Full bright. 360 perspective mod and autosprint. What were the events that led to your punishment: I think it was my ping that caused my ban it was around 250-300 Additional comments: I was banned on another account (IGN: adamsucksatpvp) because when I got banned i tried to get another account to log on to talk to the staff member why I got banned for but I linked my account to discord and one person recognised me, the mod changed my ban reason to "Ban Evasion". Im not sure if the server had an anticheat but when i was fighting staff i did get some sketchy hits but I think it was my ping that caused it.
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