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Developer Application

Here you can apply for Developer in the ScyMining Server!

There are some requirements you will have to follow.



1- Must have at least 150 Words

2- Must include detail

3- If you're lying in your application, you won't be able to apply again

4- Don't ask staff members to read you application

5- Keep the questions bold and the answers unbold, so we can read them



1- Must be at least 13 years old

2- Must have Developer experience

3- Must Be able to speak at an interview


1- Ign (Exp:Bayest):

2- Discord Tag (Exp:Bayest#8369):

3- Age:

4- Timezone (Find your timezone here if you don't know:https://www.timeanddate.com):

5- Can you talk multiple languages:

6- Do you have a working microphone:

7- How much time can you contribute on the server:

8- Since how long have you been a developer?:

9- Which coding languages do you know?:

10- Why do you want to develop for our server?:

11- Why should we choose you over other players?:

12- What is your favourite type of plugin to make?
(eg: Pvp plugins, cores, chat plugins, moderator plugins):

13- Proof that you can develop
(Projects that you’re currently working on, or what you have made.):

14- Are you able to finish projects before a deadline?:


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