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    • My Server works when i change the server to 1.20.6 but it doesn't when i change it back to 1.20.4.

    • Everything worked perfectly but it still didn't give me the key. Ill try and explain it a bit better. So I have a plugin Creates plus reloaded and I have created a Daily crate that you can open every 24 hours. and this command to give yourself a custom key to that crate /crate key Daily (Username) 1. The key can only be using on the daily crate, it is a custom item not a regular item in Minecraft (some sort of enchanted tripwire hook). So I need a script that can give me that crate key.


       execute console command "crates key give %player% daily 1" this script doesn't work but everything else in the code works for example, this code still works send "&aHere is your daily key.So there is only something wrong with the execute console command part of the script. Here is a link to the crates plus reloaded plugin with a list of all the commands https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/cratesplus-reloaded.95122/.


      Hopefully this explains it a bit more, as I am still at a loss for how this works.


    • The data on my server can't save, no matter how hard I try. No variables are local. It's all meant to be saved. This server worked well a few weeks ago, but now since I upgraded my server plan, variables could not be saved. And I realized that everytime I close the server, skript seemed to have problems saving it's data (see attached image). So what I'm asking is, is there a skript save command? For me to maunaly (or in skript) to run that's saves all the variables? Thanks.image.thumb.png.952b77319571ee43e9e14eb2b8c9c64e.png

    • Hey there give this a try! 

      command /daily:
        cooldown: 24 Hours
        cooldown message: &cYou have already claimed your daily reward.
          send "&aHere is your daily key."
          execute console command "crates key give %player% daily 1"

    • The code still doesn't work, it sends all the messages but it doesn't give me the key. I ran the /skript and /ver in my Minecraft server and this is what has come up.


      when I do /daily it sends these messages which is normally should but no key.



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