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Multi-world kitpvp

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  2. Username: Age: Discord: How did you find out about the Olympic Nation: Why do you want to become a staff member: What is your past experience{put none if you have no past experience}: Scenario: your friend was reported for breaking the rules what would you do: Scenario: a player was spamming in chat and warned three times what would you do: Scenario: an admin was abusing their rank what would you do:
  3. The Olympic Nation server has been reset and will be used as a kitpvp server New things Added /punish for staff members Added /maps command Added /sl or /slobby Added Kingdom map Added Manager rank Added /discord Added /forum Added /skits Added lobby Added Gold chat color Added King Slayer rank Added Club Added tab list with server name and ip and display player's ranks Added Chat format Added Kits Remove Tacocat
  4. username staff member who banned you {you may request who did it} ban reason why you should be unbanned
  5. Username: reason evidence
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