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Competitive team-based Minecraft PvP server.

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    • Hi there. Unfortunately, this is not the place to appeal. You will need to create a support ticket to appeal this punishment.


    • what is the other file that i need to change though?

    • Hi So i was joking in minehut that im 8 yrs old im actually 25 so if you could unban me and also it said to make an apeal here so i made one  it was 1 yr ago i got banned for saying that as a joke so can you please unban me or do i do it in discord it said contact support


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    • image.png.ffe8c830260e25636b0ee1048640d773.png
      This is the script im using, and it is working partially. Im having problems whenever i try to put an item into a chest by holding my mouse over the chest and pressing the hotbar button of the item that i want to prevent from going into the chest, whenever you do that it goes into the chest and is stuck there until the chest is broken making it possible to transfer that item from player to player which is what i want to prevent. If you have any tips, or know how to fix the problem it is much appreciated 🙂

    • Did you restart your server?
      Check your config/paper-global.yml file and enable the needed settings, then restart your server.

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