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  1. hey. please tell me how did you go to the essentials config file and set a bedspawn rule to true. i have some spawnpoint issues and i dont know how to repair it.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one who sees this issue!
  3. Or a way to view your server history or favorite certain servers
  4. All servers on minehut automatically have paper installed and paper happens to have a feature which disables zero tick farms and can be toggled within the file. Many people likely want zero tick farms enabled, but we are unable to edit the paper file (paper.yml). For this reason, I was wondering if a button on the server settings could be added for an optional zero tick fix toggle.
  5. I went into the essentials config file and set a bedspawn rule to true and now it works! Thanks so much to everyone who helped
  6. I’ll check it out, thanks!
  7. I don’t believe so but bedrock worlds can have long range multiplayer and perform essentially as servers if you want
  8. For the resetting try a manual save from your console and for the five minutes it closes after five minutes in which there are no players
  9. AuctionHouse ChatFeelings ClearLag CrazyEnchantments DeathCoordiantes Essentials EssentialsChat EssentialsSpawn (likely candidate but I don’t rly wanna remove it) Holographic Displays RandomTP RedProtect WorldEdit
  10. Yes and I’ve suspected that it might be one of them but I don’t know which or whether that’s true
  11. Electrokid08

    Spawnpoint Issue

    For some reason my players on my SMP can’t set spawn points. We’ve tried beds which even SAID Respawn point set and /spawnpoint but for some reason they always spawn at the world spawn
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