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  1. Essential Information
    IGN: Awokens
    Age: 17
    Discord: Awokens#5036
    Timezone: PST (PDT)

    General Questions
    Is there anything specific that inspired you to apply for a staff position? Why Evolve?

    The systematic of Evolve conveys ideas that I personally admire. An ideal trait that I can relate and agree with Evolve's theme. The scoreboard is colourful in many-ways; wallets, mines and pickaxe-statistics, overall aesthetically pleasing. 

    What makes you stand out over other applicants? I indulgent and passionate about my work ethics with others. But, they are times when problems require serious discretion. However, they are times when problems do not acquire any professionalism, but the mere manner of being genuine with players and staff members. A personality like mine inherits individualism,  a euphoric mind and an advocate.

    Do you have any previous experiences with moderation or management? Please tell us about them. My origins go back to the Golden age of Minecraft, the year 2015. During that time, I joined my first Minecraft server to play: TeamExtreme. The server, TeamExtreme, is a non-premium Minecraft server. But, that doesn't change the ideal reputation. TeamExtreme held great nostalgia for me in the past. But, I moved on and set out to find-

    A user asks you the same question multiple times in a spammy fashion, but you don't know the answer. What do you do?

    A user appears to be using an auto-miner cheat, however you’re not sure if they actually are. What series of actions do you take to determine if they are or not?

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