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  1. Hello! Lately I have been advertising a server I am co owner on and it seems like the only way to get players is by saying “«NO» free op at /join blah blah”. People keep saying my advertisement is false because the advertisement said there is free op when it doesnt. If players do come on and say “where’s my free op” i want to tell them to do /freeop. Can anyone either make a skript for me or tell me how to make one for the command? I tried using the minehut skript video but i failed.
  2. https://pastebin.com/xbVbgChG
  3. I am a co owner of a server and the owner downloaded SimplePets and UltraCosmetics for donor perks and they appear as red. We have not done anything to the plugins at all. Can someone help us?
  4. they prob did this so that the traffic can decrease and then the free servers will be unlimited again don’t quote me on that
  5. Aloha! I need staff for my survival server, Rhinopolis. If you are interested, join the discord and apply there. Must be apart of the mc server first lol
  6. Hello! join rhinopolis.minehut.gg it’s survival. I am a bad advertiser
  7. I can’t link it because the log exceeds the pastebin character limit
  8. The video has me going onto my server to get logs and that’s the problem I cannot get on my server edit: found logs via website, but it says it exceeds the character limit
  9. Whenever I try to join it, it kicks me back to the lobby saying “Internal Server Error” Help
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