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These trolls are simple, but they are guaranteed to make players mad! There's crash, a login troll, pushing, and obliteration!


- /crash <player> [reason] - crashes a player's game instantly. If you specify a reason, it will pop up in their unresponsive game and be broadcast to all players. If not, it looks like a legit crash. Yes, this is allowed on Minehut.

- /hacktroll <player> - Basically it bans them for 90 seconds. However, when this is done, they are first kicked out by an "unknown error" and then if they rejoin, it says "You are logged in from another location!". Cue the paranoid noobs thinking their account is hacked.

- /push <player> [force {d:5}] - What more is there to say. It pushes players.

- /obliterate <player> [force {d:4}] [count {d:10}] [safe|unsafe {d:safe}] - Hits players with a TON of stacked explosions. By default, it is non-griefing, but by setting the last argument to "unsafe", you can change that.

All permissions are "utrollplus.(troll)", for instance, utplus.crash
Yes, this WILL receive updates in the future.
100% original skript.

command /crash <player> [<text>]:
  permission: utrollplus.crash
  permission message: &6[&cUT+&6]&c You need utrollplus.crash!
  usage: &6[&cUT+&6] &4/crash <player> [reason]
    arg 2 is set:
      send title "&4Artificially crashed:" with subtitle "&c%arg 2%" to arg 1 for 5 seconds with fadein 0 seconds and fade out 0 seconds
      wait 1 tick
    execute console command "/execute as %arg 1% at @s run particle flame ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1 1 999999999 force @s"
    send "&aSuccessfully crashed &b%arg 1%&a!" to player
    arg 2 is set:
      broadcast "&6%arg 1%&c was crashed by &6%player%&c for &e%arg 2%"
command /hacktroll <player>:
  permission: utrollplus.hacktroll
  permission message: &6[&cUT+&6]&c You need utrollplus.hacktroll!
  usage: &6[&cUT+&6] &4/hacktroll <player>
    set {hacktroll.%arg 1%} to (unix timestamp of now + 90)
    send "&cAn unknown error occured. You have been sent to a fallback server" to arg 1
    kick arg 1
on connect:
  {hacktroll.%player%} is greater than unix timestamp of now:
    kick player because of "You are logged in from another location!"
command /push <player> [<number=5>]:
  permission: utrollplus.push
  permission message: &6[&cUT+&6]&c You need utrollplus.push!
  usage: &6[&cUT+&6] &4/push <player> [power {d:5}]
    set {_ref} to player's location
    set y-coordinate of {_ref} to arg-1's y-coordinate
    push arg-1 (direction from {_ref} to (arg-1's location)) with velocity arg-2
    push arg-1 upward with velocity (arg-2 / 6)
command /obliterate <player> [<number=4>] [<number=10>] [<text="safe">]:
  permission: utrollplus.obliterate
  permission message: &6[&cUT+&6]&c You need utrollplus.obliterate!
  usage: &6[&cUT+&6] &4/obliterate <player> [power {d:4}] [count {d:10}] [safe|unsafe {d:safe}]
    arg 4 is "safe":
      loop (arg 3) times:
        make a safe explosion of force arg 2 at arg 1's location
    arg 4 is "unsafe":
      loop (arg 3) times:
        make an explosion of force arg 2 at arg 1's location
    arg 4 is not "safe":
      arg 4 is not "unsafe"
      send "&4Invalid fourth argument. Must be safe or unsafe" to player


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