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Wools [Skywars Inspired Minigame]

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Server Name: Wools

Owner: MrPandaBear


Hi Minehut! I've recently made a minigame, similar to skywars, that is 100% custom skripted, called Wools.

Basically, you and a minimum of one other player are put into an arena. You have 15 seconds to select a kit, then 15 seconds to build up and gather loot from chests. The floor constantly rises below you and if you touch it, you die. Throughout the game, you must build up to avoid hitting the floor and try to become the last player standing.

It's Beta right now, so there will be a few glitches, but it functions overall.

If you want to see some gameplay, there are a few videos about Wool Wars on YouTube, which is very similar to how Wools functions.

If you're interested, the server name is called Wools and I'd love to see you there sometime!

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