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Everything your server needs, in one plugin.

View previews on the Spigot Page
  • Fully-Featured Punishment System
    • Kick + kickall
    • Warn & Unwarn
    • Mute system (Timed + Perm)
    • Ban System (Timed + Perm)
    • Mute chat
  • Command Blocker
    • Accessible in-game
    • Works like you'd expect it to
  • 15+ Essential Commands
    • Lightweight
  • Spawn System
    • Configurable
  • Unique Connecting
    • Join/Leave Messages
    • Unique Join Counter
  • Accounts Per IP
    • Fully configurable
    • Set the amount of accounts allowed to be connected to the same IP on your server at once
  • Toggle Hunger across your server
    • In config
  • Staff chat
    • Configurable, toggled.
Basics uses its own custom time-parsing function so it bypasses the limitations of Skript's built in timespans.
				"forever", "perm", and "permanent" are all acceptable where [timespan] is mentioned.				 				[Required Params]				<Optional Params>				 				/ban [player] [timespan] <reason>				* basics.ban				* basics.ban.perm				 				/basics [reload|version]				* basics.admin				 				/commandblocker [add|remove|list] [<command>]				* basics.commandblocker				 				/clear <player>				* basics.clear				* basics.clear.other				 				/clearchat				* basics.clearchat				 				/feed				* basics.feed				* basics.feed.others				 				/fly <player>				* basics.fly				* basics.fly.others				 				/gamemode [gamemode] [player]				* basics.gamemode				* basics.gamemode.others				 				/gmc <player>				* basics.gamemode.creative				 				/gms <player>				* basics.gamemode.survival				 				/gma <player>				* basics.gamemode.adventure				 				/gmsp <player>				* basics.gamemode.spectator				 				/heal <player>				* basics.heal				* basics.heal.others				 				/kick [player] <reason>				* basics.kick				 				/kickall <reason>				* basics.kickall				 				/mute [player] [timespan] <reason>				* basics.mute				* basics.mute.perm				 				/revertwarn [player] <reason>				* basics.revertwarn				 				/setspawn				* basics.setspawn				 				/spawn <player>				* basics.spawn				* basics.spawn.others				* basics.spawn.bypassDelay				 				/unban [player] <reason>				* basics.unban				 				/unmute [player] <reason>				* basics.unmute				 				/warn [player] <reason>				* basics.warn				
Before installing Basics, you'll need:
Skript [Hard Dependancy] (bensku's fork)
skQuery [Hard Dependancy]
Once you have all the dependencies, navigate through your server files to the Skript plugin folder. Then click the "scripts" folder. Upload/paste the downloaded file in the "scripts" folder.
By download, or utilizing this plugin in any way, you, the consumer, agree to all of the following terms.
  • You may not claim this project as yours, in any way, or take credit for any part of it.
  • You will not redistribute this plugin, but redirect people here.
Before leaving a bad review because something doesn't work, please contact me either through Spigot or the Vector Software discord server.
Edited by Farwl
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10/10. I like how you made the timestamp shorter... Like instead of 5 days, you just do "5d". Nice feature.

  • Been "Skripting" for half a year now
  • Whale type 
  • Doesn't like Idle Servers (But made one)
  • Doesn't like Mining-PvP servers (But made one)
  • Likes MrScopes lol


I make original memes about minehut too.



  • Discord Swayl#4299
  • MC IGN - Swayl

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Good script and its very useful for players to start with if they have no idea how to script!

I've been doing skript for 4 years. I don't find my self a "better" skripter or do competitions against others.

I just wish people can just get along & just help each out and be kind to one and another.


I have been hosting ValkNet for 5 years

ever since 2015 when i joined minehut around February or January.


I'm the owner of ValkyrieNetwork (known as ValkNet) | https://discord.gg/rPTYbQY

A great service that i provide for the minehut community!



Discord: https://discord.gg/rPTYbQY

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