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Although this can be done with skript, for smaller creators that don't know how to use it, I give this a +1


I understand it's easily done in skript, but yeah 🤷‍♂️

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On 4/18/2020 at 11:26 AM, Adaptable said:

This can easily be done with skript

I tried and tried and tried, but I just couldn't understand the code at all or what I had to edit or if I had to even edit anything to make it work. Errors popped up left and right and I was just flustrated and when it finally strated up correctly it didn't even work... I really need help so if somebody knows how to implement it into the game then I would really appreciate it!

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on right click with compass:
    if name of tool is "&4Hunter's Tracker &7&l(Right Click)":
        set {_loc} to location of {target}
        set {_loc2} to location of {hunter}
        set player's compass target to location of {target}
        set {_distance} to difference between {_loc} and {_loc2}
        set {_distance} to round({_distance})
        send "&4(!) &7Distance of &6%{target}%  and you is %{_distance}%" to player
        send "&4(!) &7Location of &6%{target}%  is at %{_loc}%" to player

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