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need prison token skript

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so i stated this op prsino server named Cosmic2MC but i need a token skript one that when you mine theres a 5% chance that you will get 10 tokens or somthing and you can spend it if you right click with a pickaxe it opens a gui with enchantments jackhammer (removes a layer of the mine) drill (drills a small hole) merchend (auto cells your inventory evey 10 second in the mine only) ecplosive (a small explosion that goes of in the mine with like a 2% chance or somthing and the more you upgrade it the more the persentige goes up) and the air in the gui fill that with green stained pane glass this would be a huge help on my server and if you do a skript with all my requirements i will paypal you $10 AU and you can do /tokens and se your token balance and i i can put it in a scoreboard that would be great

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