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Personal lag



I started survival vanila server for me an few friends but after about a week server started laging. When it laged every mob stoped and if i would break a block it wouldn't drop, then i would time out, when i connected back on server the blocks i broke were broken droped on the ground.

This was hapening randomly while i played but later it started hapening as soon as i connect.

My frieds experience no problems, this hapens only to me.

Aloso i dont have poblems like this or other servers ( even moded minecraft servers).


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20 hours ago, Koroonotchii said:

Maybe try closing some tabs/other windows that are open? I sometimes have this issue with lag when I have too many windows and/or tabs open

so it helped a bit, when i close everything (two tabs on chrome) it no longer time outs me i just have like 1000-2000ms ping -_-

the wierd thing is that it's only minehut (both lobby and servers), i tried other servers and had no problems even with chrome opened

but still, thank you for trying

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6 minutes ago, Ad_the_cursed said:

ok... I just played over hour without lag  

i was in nether helping to build a bridge

after i got to overworld i got timed out

any idea why this could hapen?


I'm not too sure, if it works for other people then the problem is most likely on your end, on not on Minehut's

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