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Monaco Editor needs to be the default Text Editor

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Heres an idea for the Minehut Admins:

The file manager text edit is just slow and is bad to type in and could use an update. I have found a good editor for html that VSCode actually runs on suprizingly, its https://github.com/microsoft/monaco-editor and its really good. If possible, could you add this to the file manager and replace the current text editor. 

Thank you for listening!

Heres an example:


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Message by Aseltic

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This may be better in the sense of syntax highlighting but the practical applications of this (mainly being CSS/JS/HTML) do not translate well in to the actual use-case in which this would be used, as it doesn't support highlighting for yaml configuration files, json, or scripts main for the intended use with Skript. This would also not address the issue with the file manager being slow, merely giving and updated editor. Simply adding in the ability to indent natively using tab would in most cases be superior. The editor and file manager may be in need for a remake, but this may not be the best or most optimized solution.

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