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Problem uploading large worlds. 100MB+


Hello, I just would like to know how to upload a world (.zip file) that is greater than 100MB but less than 500MB.

I have uploaded worlds that are smaller (~5MB), through the panel as well as the method with the /ul command with file.io.

I keep seeing on the forums that the max is 500MB, but I still don't know how I am supposed to upload the world since file.io has a max of 100MB and the panel has a max of 10MB?

In the panel I get: "Error uploading file! undefined" so that is when I found out there was a max in the panel.

Then I tried uploading it on file.io - It gave me: "Upload failed", so then I could not do the method of /ul ingame.

Then I tried uploading it through other methods like google drive and gofile.io. Both resulted in the message "Upload failed! Invalid files." when trying to upload it through the /ul command ingame.

How are people uploading worlds greater than 100MB if that is the max on file.io? Thanks.


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