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My Own Server Building Mod

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Hey everyone,

My name is ashdjtgfoe and I didn't know that minecraft had a server building mod called minehut, and spent 12 hours coding in my own server building mod - Ashmod. It works pretty well (only 2 days in development) but I'm just wondering if I should continue coding, coz Minehut is already here with its features. I am still not too sure about Minehut's features yet, but my features are this...


1) Binding packets to commands - Right clicking and left clicking items, attacking and interacting with entities, breaking blocks will execute commands

2) Double jump - Double pressing the space bar will allow the player to set an aerial boost. Jump heights can be modified.

3) Mob AI - Mobs can now have owners which they never attack. Can edit the AI range to target specific mobs and players.

4) Inventory management - Items can be tied to a slot in the inventory, where they cannot be removed or changed. Clicking on items can execute commands. New commands to open customised chests, which have item entities which execute commands on clicking.

5) Chat customisation - Chats can be customised with a colour and message profile, stored in a text file, which you can edit on the computer.

6) Combat commands - New commands for shooting arrows, fireballs, wither skulls, explosions etc

This will allow servers and builders to use command blocks and data tags to create their own combat minigames and adventure maps, through in-game modification rather than external coding. All of this is 100% vanilla compatible, meaning that anyone with vanilla minecraft can log into modified LAN worlds and servers, and experience the mod flawlessly.


Please tell me what Minehut's features are in comparison to mine, and if I should use Minehut to build my server instead of custom coding mine.




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I think that you should do whatever beifits you most since it will be worth your time. For example if you like where you are going with your own thing you should do that because you will be more willing to work for it. SO YEAH that's my advice... but like I said do what you think would help you the most!


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