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Working on a kitpvp server I need some ideas

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I need some ideas for kits, i am making a kitpvp menu with a anti-kitmixer, levels, coins, k/d, ect
I was wondering if anyone could provide some ideas for new kits to be added:

    Just list the kit name, price, items, and any buffs or special effects.

If you want me to release this skript once it is done I will gladly do so just reply if you would like it to be!

Skript Developer

Owner of the Skript Club

Minecraft player since 2009

Minehut member since 2016




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Perhaps Classes? and every class has it's own buffs and debuffs.

For example..

Warrior - Strength and Mining Fatigue

Tank - Resistance and Slowness

Ninja - Speed and Weakness

Things to know about me

• I have 2 years of skript experience

• I work on my servers all by myself
• I like being alone

• I have insane trust issues

• I simp for alot of people (trying my best not to)

• My mental age is somewhere 8

• I dont like meeting new people

• Very toxic


Discord Swayl#0099

MC IGN - Swayl

(I suggest avoiding me because I get too attached to people quick)

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