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Betterer Flexer | Flex your items

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Betterer Flexer

A script that allows you to

show any of your items on chat.

By only typing "[item]". Flex your

best sword or set. It's a really useful

script and definitely not mine.


SCRIPT (25 lines)

on chat:
    if message contains "[item]":
        {chat} is not set
        player is not holding air
        cancel event
        set {_name} to name of tool ? type of tool
        set {_lore} to lore of tool
        replace all "||" with nl in {_lore}
        if {_lore} is "":
            set {_lore} to "&7No Lore"
        set {_enchantments::*} to enchantments of tool
        loop {_enchantments::*}:
            add 1 to {_n}
            set {_e::%{_n}%} to "%loop-value% %level of loop-value on tool%%nl%"
        set {_e2} to "%{_e::*}%"
        replace all ", " and " and " with "" in {_e2}
        if "%{_e2}%" is "<none>":
            set {_e2} to "No Enchantments"
        set {_tooltip} to "&e%amount of tool in player's inventory%x) &8| &7%{_name} ? type of tool%&r &8| &e(%type of tool%)%nl%&7%{_e2} ? ""No Enchantments""%%nl%&7%{_lore} ? ""No Lore""%"
        set {_weapon} to formatted "<tooltip:%{_tooltip}%>&a&l[ &f%amount of tool in player's inventory%x %name of tool ? type of tool% &a&l]&r"
        set chat format to ""
        replace all "[item]" in message with "%{_weapon}%"
        send formatted "&f%player%:  &7%message%" to all players


  • Been "Skripting" for half a year now
  • Whale type 
  • Doesn't like Idle Servers (But made one)
  • Doesn't like Mining-PvP servers (But made one)
  • Likes MrScopes lol


I make original memes about minehut too.



  • Discord Swayl#4299
  • MC IGN - Swayl

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