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SuperPizzaTy's Staff Application

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Minecraft Username: SuperPizzaTy


Discord Tag (Ex; Atrosity#0000): SuperPizzaTy#7541


Timezone: Wyoming, MI


Are you Multilingual? (Fluent, not learning): No I learn pretty fast


Do you have a working microphone? Yes


How long have you been playing on Atrosity? 1 Month


How much time can you contribute to Atrosity? 3 - 7 hours


Do you have any Moderation experience? Yes, a little bit


What made you choose to apply for Atrosity? I don't know i get bored


What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: Pizza, Weakness: broccoli


Do you have the ability to record a hacker? Yes I use obs studio


Scenarios I dont know


You are a Helper on the server and you see a Moderator abusing their rank.  What would you do? Report them


A user says the N word, what would you do? Mute them


You see a user blatantly hacking, what would you do? Ban them

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Hello, your application had zero effort last time and you cannot re-apply until it has been a month.  You also seemed to not try this time around either, you didn't follow the word count, you didn't provide details, and you still lack experience.  You may re-apply 1 month from now.



Former Minehut Senior Moderator

Former Head of Reports/Appeals


Discord: kailum#0184


[LEGEND] 2017

[JR.MOD] 28/04/19

[MOD] 28/07/19

[SR.MOD] 01/09/19

[PATRON] / [RESIGNED] 26/07/20





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