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Swayl the Whale

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Hello! I'm Swayl! I'm a big boy whale. I have clout, I got bars I got chains. I skript alot, I actually have a year of experience, I'm currently trying to learn how to build, and once I do, I'll be a skripter and builder in one package! I'll be able to make better maps/spawn for my server, and if you don't know, I make servers! I make lots of them, and maybe because of them, I made a few MH staff friends, currently I have 11 MH staff on my friends list, and im cool, not bragging, just cool. I only got one featured server, TuberS if you don't know, it's not that neat, it's just tuber simulator on MINECRAFT. I've been playing minehut since mid 2018, I guess I'm pretty new here. Although I already know lots of skript, I still want to learn, same with building, I want to keep on practicing till I'm good. Speaking of servers, I have my own discord, my own family, my own kingdom, It's dedicated to my server, everytime I have a server, I post it there, until it dies, I call it.... Oceanic Kingdom. It's really cool, I got some MH staff on there. Well, that's my introduction.


TL;DR - I'm a whale who has alot of clout, have a year of skript experience, still learning on building skills and have a kingdom.


• Love Swayl (the best whale) •

Edited by Swayl

  • Been "Skripting" for half a year now
  • Whale type 
  • Doesn't like Idle Servers (But made one)
  • Doesn't like Mining-PvP servers (But made one)
  • Likes MrScopes lol


I make original memes about minehut too.



  • Discord Swayl#4299
  • MC IGN - Swayl

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Fake whale

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