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EnchantPlus allows you to enchant items more than one time with an enchantment table and it has various commands for admins or users to enchant every item manually with customisable level costs. Everything is customisable in the config and there are bypass permissions for all checks!

Plugin Link https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/enchantplus


  • Enchant items more than one time smoothly with the enchantment table
  • Enchant items manually with commands
  • Highly customisable settings for the enchanting commands and the enhanced enchantment table
  • Display a list of all enchantments or their descriptions
  • Display all applicable enchantments of certain items
  • Enchant items with enchantments up to level 32767 (absolute maximum level of enchantments!)

Commands & Permissions:


Command Description Permission
/plus add <name/id> <level/natural> Adds an enchantment to the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.add
/plus mighty <level/natural> [applicable]  Adds all existing enchantments to the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.mighty
/plus remove <name/id> Removes an enchantment from the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.remove
/plus purify Removes all enchantments from the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.purify
/plus list Shows a list of all enchantments and their respecting names and ids EnchantPlus.command.list
/plus description <name/id> Shows an advanced description of an enchantment EnchantPlus.command.description
/plus applicable Shows a list of enchantments that can be currently applied to the item in your hand  EnchantPlus.command.applicable
/plus reload Reloads the whole plugin EnchantPlus.command.reload
/plus help Shows the help pages None
- All command permissions EnchantPlus.command.*
- Level limit check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.limit
- Conflicting enchantment check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.conflicting
- Inapplicable enchantment check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.inapplicable
- Item amount check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.amount
- Power source check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.power
- Level restriction check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.restriction
- Enchanting cost check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.cost
- All bypass permissions EnchantPlus.bypass.*
- All plugin permissions EnchantPlus.*


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This feels like a very useful plugin to have!

also. @SneaXarecoolplease don't necropost..

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Please do not necropost. If you are still interested in this plugin and it's been inactive for more than a month, make a new request.


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