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GoldenCrates PLUGIN | 1.13 - 1.14 3.5.0

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GoldenCrates Plugin is Simple, but powerful crates plugin! Create crates via in-game GUI editor, manage crate options and rewards!.please add GoldenCrates Plugin


▸ You can modify any plugin settings.
▸ You can change any plugin messages and print them in different ways (chat, action bar, titles).


▸ This plugin has small size and well optimized.
▸ Does not cause lags and memory leaks!

 SQL Data storage:

▸ Provides MySQL and SQLite data storages.
▸ Auto-purging inactive users and old plugin data.

 In-game GUI Editor:

▸ Easy way to create and manage your crates!
▸ Change all crate settings in simple GUI.
▸ Add and modify crate rewards by drag and drop items!

 Crate Rewards:

▸ Define chance for each reward.
▸ Support for custom items with any NBT tags!
▸ Execute commands when player wins reward!
▸ Define min. and max. rewards amount that player can win at once!
 Rewards Preview:
▸ Allows players to view crate content before open it!
▸ Allows you to display chances in reward lore.
▸ Crate preview can be disabled totally.

 Crate Types:

 Item Crates: Attached to specified item stack in inventory!
 Block Crates: Attached to specified block in the world!
 Menu Crates: Attached to specified custom GUI (Virtual crate)!

 Crate Keys:

▸ Make crate require a key to open it!
▸ Customize the key item for each crate!
▸ Or make the key virtual! Virtual keys are stored in the database.

 Crate Cooldowns:

▸ Define the duration for each crate that player have to wait before open a crate again.
▸ All times are supported: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, Years!

 Crate Effects:

▸ Play different effects and sounds for block crates!
▸ Play different effects and sounds when player opens crate!
▸ Play different effects and sounds when player receives rewards from crate!

 Crate Animation Templates:

▸ 4 templates included by default: CSGO, Mystery, Roll and Wander.
▸ Create your own animated rewards GUI!
▸ Define the roll speed, sounds and effects.
▸ Define reward positions and final win slot.

 No Limitations:

▸ Unlimited amount of crates!
▸ Unlimited amount of rewards!
▸ Unlimited amount of templates!
▸ Unlimited amount of menus!


▸ Attach any crate to Citizens NPCs! Players will able to view crate content or open crate by clicking NPC!
▸ Add custom holograms upon crate block in the world via HolographicDisplays!

▸ Make crate require a certain amount of money to open it with Vault!

 PlaceholderAPI Support:

 %goldencrates_keys_<crate>% - Displays amount of keys for specified crate.
 %goldencrates_cooldown_<crate>% - Displays amount of time before specified crate can be opened again.
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