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Simple chat manager written in skript


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command /chat [<text>]:
        if player has permission "skript.chatcontrol":
            if arg 1 is set:
                if arg 1 is "grey":
                    if {greychat} is true:
                        set {greychat} to false
                        message "grey chat disabled"
                        set {greychat} to true
                        message "grey chat enabled"
                if arg 1 is "help":
                    message " "
                    message "&c--------&6Skript Chat Control Help&c--------"
                    message " "
                    message "&6/chat clear &cto clear chat"
                    message " "
                    message "&6/chat mute &cto mute the chat"
                    message " "
                    message "&6/chat help &cto show this help page"
                    message " "
                    message "&6/chat grey&c to make chat look better"
                    message " "
                if arg 1 is "clear":
                    loop 100 times:
                        broadcast " "
                    broadcast "Chat cleared by %player%"
                if arg 1 is "mute":
                    if {chatmute} is "true":
                        message "Chat has been unmuted"
                        set {chatmute} to "false"
                        message "Chat has been muted"
                        set {chatmute} to "true"
                message "&cUsage:&a /chat (help|mute|clear|grey)"
            kick player due to "&4You cannot execute that command"

on chat:
    if {chatmute} is "false":
        if {greychat} is true:
            cancel event
            broadcast "&8<&6%player%&8> %message%"

on chat:
    if {chatmute} is "true":
        cancel event
        message "&cYou cannot speak when the chat is muted!"
        if {greychat} is false:
            cancel event
            broadcast "<%player%> %message%"


/chat help (Shows a list of commands)

/chat grey (makes the chat look nicer until you type the command again)

/chat mute (mutes the chat until you type the command again)

/chat clear (clears the chat)


Permission nodes:

skript.chatcontrol (allows user to use /chat)

if player does not have the permission "skript.chatcontrol" the player will be kicked for trying to execute /chat


Edited by happyfone

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