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omg found this suspend exploit!!! Trent must look!

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me found an awesome exploit!!!, and me wll shaRE with yoU poeple!

You can suspend servers!! 😮

excerise with cauction, this post is NOT responsbile for the dmages done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. go to command prompt
2. type in connect minehut.com 
3. It will say something like Successful! Connected to minehut.com (IP:
4. Then do mh suspend server:servername /type:buffer /isGenPVP:yes /BennyAppoved:Yes

Then it should suspend it!

This command will work 500% better if its a genpvp server


-------------------[ Minehut Suspend List ]-------------------------------

/type: <buffer|overload|simple> Type of thingy to crash servers

/isGenPVP: <yes> Use this to rek genpvp

/BennyAppoved <yes|no> this will cover-up everything and blame BennyDoesStuff for the suspension.

/Forever this will forever suspend a server. no undos







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Woah this is way funnier than the Bungeecoord glitch in 2017

Tbh all you need to know about me is that I was once the Drama King on minehut and I was a really good warzone player. That summarizes about 50% of what I did on minehut in the past lol.

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They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

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