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I got banned for 10 decades????


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1 hour ago, SpeedyBoy27 said:

One day, i tried joining Minehut and it said i was banned for 10 decades for reason:bot. I never did anything and made an appeal multiple times but they never write back. Help plz!

Make sure to follow the format when appealing, if appeals are denied then you need to wait 2 weeks before posting a new one




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Hey. For your account to be unbanned, you're required to create an appeal right here. (Make sure you follow the format). I have addressed other matters regarding your appeal in a message to you on forums.

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    [IMG]    button.png?t=Appeal&f=Calibri-Bold&ts=26&tc=fff&tshs=1&tshc=000&hp=20&vp=8&c=10&bgt=gradient&bgc=1d0dea&ebgc=1a0855&be=1 button.png?t=Rules&f=Calibri-Bold&ts=26&tc=fff&tshs=1&tshc=000&hp=20&vp=8&c=10&bgt=gradient&bgc=1d0dea&ebgc=1a0855&be=1  

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