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Simple to use Reports script


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A lot of people seemed to like the last guy's report script, so I decided I would make a much more advanced one with all the same features and more. It has infinite pages, a GUI to show reports per player, remove all reports function, and you can remove them individually. It also broadcasts reports when they happen. It shows (in server time) when exactly it happened and who did it with what reason they had for doing it.

I'm taking requests for future scripts in the comments.

Requirements: Skript, TuSKe, and SKQuery

link: https://hastebin.com/quheqenesu.rb


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I know I'm late for this but, epic!

Things to know about me

• I have 2 years of skript experience

• I work on my servers all by myself
• I like being alone

• I have insane trust issues

• I simp for alot of people (trying my best not to)

• My mental age is somewhere 8

• I dont like meeting new people

• Very toxic


Discord Swayl#0099

MC IGN - Swayl

(I suggest avoiding me because I get too attached to people quick)

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