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Rules | Better rules system?


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A better rules system? Uh I don't know,

I have anxiety, I just made this quick rules

system for the community. Please don't hate me

There's a typhoon that's about to hit my country

and I might die. Nonetheless, enjoy the quick

rules system I made.

SCRIPT (40 lines)

    mColor: &e            # Main Color
    sColor: &7            # Secondary Color
    admin: staff.admin    # Admin permission for command
    server: Server        # Server name

command /rules [<text>] [<text>]:
        if arg-1 is not set:
            send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%"
            loop {rules::*}:
                send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%"

            send ""

            if arg-1 is "add" or "remove":
                if player does not have permission "{@admin}":
                    send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%"
                    loop {rules::*}:
                        send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%"

                    send ""
                    if arg-1 is "add":
                        add arg-2 to {rules::*}
                        send "{@sColor}Successfully added {@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} to the list of rules."
                        if {rules::*} does not contain arg-2:
                            send "{@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} cannot be found on the list of rules."
                            remove arg-2 from {rules::*}
                            send "{@sColor}Successfully removed {@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} from the list of rules."
                send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%"
                loop {rules::*}:
                    send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%"

                send ""


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Things to know about me

• I have 2 years of skript experience

• I work on my servers all by myself
• I like being alone

• I have insane trust issues

• I simp for alot of people (trying my best not to)

• My mental age is somewhere 8

• I dont like meeting new people

• Very toxic


Discord Swayl#0099

MC IGN - Swayl

(I suggest avoiding me because I get too attached to people quick)

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