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Farm2Live - Season 2 (Custom Farming)


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A project by Play2Live Network

Note: Farm2Live is already released, but I’m going to be talking about the next season of Farm2Live.

Farm2Live is a farming server that takes farming to a completely different place, and is unlike any other farming server, guaranteed.

The server is a bit complicated but I’m going to explain it to the best of my ability:

The server has 2 main paths:

1. Farming normal plants to unlock recipes and upgrade your farming chests.

2. Extract the essence of plants to craft custom plants like coal plant, iron plant, etc.

You can sell the loot you get from plants, farming chests and essence extractors for money to upgrade your farm, buy things in the shop or prestige to unlock new features. Of course, the server has many other features, but this is the core.

Main Features:

Farming Chests - A bit similar to Hypixel minions, they farm for you. A carrot farming chest gives you 1 carrot every 15 seconds by default, and has 64 storage, getting plants from farming chests gives the same amount of experience as farming the plants yourself (unless you have experience upgrades in the farming chest). You can upgrade the chest to produce plants faster and unlock more storage (For example to upgrade a carrot chest to level 2 you need 32 carrots and you need to be level 2 in carrot farming), or craft special farming chest upgrades to increase the efficiency, experience gain or even automatically sell the plants. Farming chests work when you are offline, and no, they don’t cause lag.

Screenshots - https://imgur.com/a/Mi5aCuf

Farming and Levels - In Farm2Live you farm by right clicking the plant, but you can also farm normal plants in the vanilla way (you must break melons and pumpkins). You level up your farming levels by simply farming. Farming any plant to level up your general farming level (custom plants give the most xp), and farm vanilla plants to upgrade specific plant farming levels, for example carrot farming. You unlock recipes for farming chest upgrades, custom items and more by leveling up.

Screenshots - https://imgur.com/a/Y2eGwcN

Essence Extractors and Custom Plants - Essence Extractors generate items like farming chests, but they are a bit more complicated. By placing a normal plant in an Extractor, you get essence related to the plant (for example wheat gives coal essence), with it you can craft custom plants with recipes you unlock while leveling up. By placing a custom plant in an extractor, you get the plant default loot (coal plant gives coal). You can also farm custom plant the by planting them and right clicking them with a hoe when they are fully grown. Custom Plants have rarities like common, rare, etc. To harvest a custom plant your level needs to be high enough and your hoe needs to be of the same rarity or higher.

Hoes and Custom Enchants - In Farm2Live all hoes are custom. That means you can level up any hoe by farming, and hoes have rarity. Common hoes let you farm common plants (you can do so by hand as well), rare hoe let you farm common and rare plants, etc. You can enchant your hoe with custom farming enchants that cost credits (you can get them in various ways). Custom Enchants require your hoe to be strong enough to handle them, in simple words they have a hoe level requirement.

There are a lot more features like daily quests, playtime rewards, level rewards, mystery boxes, settings, special tutorial system, scrambles, sell wands, kits, leaderboards, custom suffixes system and more!

We are looking for Skript developers to help develop this project

Network Discord Server - https://discord.gg/58ym45E

Personal Discord - xlr100#6932

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