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Aye! What up mate?


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Hello there! I am Calastics and I am here to introduce myself!


Age: 14 - Skeppy Meme xD

Minecraft In-Game Name: Calastics

Date o' Birth: September 2, 2005

Date o' Death: Do I look dead to you?

Servers Staff of: PithonPvP - Manager

What brought me to Minehut: When I just got Minecraft Premium Account (October 2018) I used to play on a server owned by a YouTuber. I had a friend that knew about Minehut and told me to join it, Then after a couple of months, The server (owned by a YouTuber) got closed 😧 And then I decided to continue in Minehut and my first ever Minehut server to join was in fact PPvPP - The very old PithonPvP owned by PrymusPryme! Me and Prymus had a lot of fun together working on olden PithonPvP making it better and here I am now typing this!

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