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Hello, just your good ol' shawn


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Ok so, Some people know that I've done this before. BUT that was a really bad one and I want to make a actual good introduction so here we go. I've been playing minehut since 2016 August, 3 years. Most people don't know me mostly because I change my name every millisecond


My IGN: shawnb0at some people know me for doing weird stuff in lobbys and just messing around in lobby,

Skills: Learning Skript, intermediate command block dude, and that is pretty much it.

By every millisecond I mean in my 3 years of having my minecraft account I've changed my name is 22 times, recent names were _capitalist and __communist_ 
so Ask me anything lol I dunno man

World's biggest bruh moment ngl

I did the cha cha slide with a retired staff member (Ceppy) and spiderlogical. And not only that me and someone else made a spinning fidget spinner



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