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NEW Minehut Lobby!


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NEW Minehut Lobby!

Presented to you by the Minehut Build team.


Minehut first opened up on November 28, 2014. As of tomorrow, that would be exactly 5 years ago. Me and the build team wanted to do something special for this occasion, and the first idea that popped was to build a new Minehut lobby. So that's what we set out to do and we did exactly that. Over 2 months and a half months ago, we started on a very ambitious project to build the largest and greatest Minehut lobby to date. We wanted this lobby to be very welcoming to new players, while being a fun place for our community to hang out in. We also wanted this lobby to be a bit nostalgic, as for a large accomplishment like this we wanted to account for our older long-term players as well. So we decided to make the lobby a castle theme, as a majority of the older Minehut lobbies back in the day were castles. The build team got to work.


Back Story from Start to Completion


For a lobby this large in importance and hopefully in size as well, we needed some crazy terrain to tie it all together. We decided to go with a few large islands instead of going with the sky islands theme that we used in the previous Minehut lobby. This screenshot was taken on September 22, 2019. This marks the beginning of this lobby and when we started making progress on the lobby. It doesn't look much like the new lobby, but it's definitely a start. The terrain took a ton of time in the beginning, but after it was finished it was worth it. Huge thanks to 3asel for the terrain.



Fast forward 2 weeks and now it's October 8, 2019. At this point, the terrain is really starting to take shape. There wasn't much going on at this point in time on the lobby itself, but while the terrain was being built the rest of the lobby was being planned. We needed to draft up an image of how we wanted the castle to be setup and where we wanted everything in the lobby to go and be setup. Queue in the next image.


This image was one of the first drafts of how we would setup the castle. This is quite similar to how the castle is actually setup in the Minehut lobby with just a few minor changes here and there. This draft was made back in October 9, 2019. This point is when work really starts to pick up on the lobby. Now that the terrain is just about completed, TrollFarts and _Rascal can come in and start working on the actual lobby. TrollFarts was the main guy making most of the buildings and the castle, while _Rascal worked on designing trees and the natural aspect of the lobby. 3asel, now almost finished with the terrain will work on some buildings and paths as well once he finishes up the terrain.



In these 2 screenshots, you can really see the beginning and the completion of the main castle. The castle is supposed to be the main part of the lobby, the middle of the lobby. Everything else really surrounds the castle and is connected to the castle in some way or another. You can also see the start of the village in the second screenshot as well. The village is where the spawn point of the whole lobby is, so we had to make room for that as well. We wanted to make the village look pretty nice, but different from the castle, as the village is mainly for middle class families. This village also needed to implement a few billboards for various SLG/Minehut events and sponsorships, this wasn't planned in the original draft in the screenshot above but it will eventually be changed and get added to the final lobby. In the sky, you can also see some of the trees _Rascal was building for the lobby. We wanted a ton of different types of trees to spread around the lobby.



These are 2 screenshots of what the main spawn point looked like while the village area was in development. This spawn area would continue to change quite a few times throughout the project.  This screenshot is back from October 30, 2019


We also had a previous Minehut builder, and current friend of the Minehut build team, Scoolins come in and help us make some cool ships for the lobby. Scoolins is extremely good at ship-building and has built a ton of ships and boats for various other Minecraft projects. This screenshots shows the progress of the ship as it was getting built. This is back from November 4, 2019.



At this point, you can really see the village being finished up and completed and the start of the docks area. This picture of the image of the lobby from above really shows how much has changed in the past 3 weeks or so. A ton of work has been put into the lobby over the past few weeks leading up to today's release of the lobby. This screenshot was taken November 8, 2019.


This really leads us to the final design of the lobby that's pushed to the Minehut lobbies. We added a ton more into this lobby, but it would take us too long to explain everything that we've added! Some of these things include the Starbucks, which we added as nostalgic to our long-term players who has played for a while (a few years ago, we had a Starbucks as well as a Tim Hortons in a few of our lobbies), as well as the Trent Tent, and a ton of other secret and fun areas. Go check out and explore the lobby for yourselves!


Features and Designs of the Lobby

  • 1000 x 1000 lobby to explore and check out.
  • 1000 parkour jumps (3x more than the last Minehut lobby)
  • Multiple areas for players to explore and look through (Village, Castle, Docks, etc).
  • Dozens of easter eggs/secrets for players to find and look for.
  • A secret underground train system to travel from 1 area of the lobby to another.
  • Multiple fun areas to hang out in such as the Starbucks, Red Robins, or the Outback Steakhouse (yes, this is real).
  • A ton of other places and things you can check out and find for yourselves!


This lobby means so much to me, as I've been playing on Minehut for over 4 years now and seeing something like this develop from just a ton of diamond blocks to this right before my eyes, is huge. I know you guys will love the new lobby, and I definitely will too. We've worked so hard on building it, creating secrets and easter eggs, and overall making it a fun place to hang out and chill in as well as a welcoming place for the new players and future generation of the Minehut community. If you get any time, I definitely recommend you to spend even just a few minutes or more exploring and checking out everything in the lobby. We built this not for us, but for you guys, the community. You guys are the people that help shape this server and community and make it what it is, and it's you that makes working here so much fun. I hope you enjoy it.



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Build team you absolute madlads.

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Fantastic job Build Team.

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lobby looking sick as hell, benny really fooled us saying it wasn't a lobby ;(


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