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Hi there!


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Hi there!

This account is used by 3 people!

They are named: SaikiKnon, Epicman590, and 7r6!

We have our own server! It's named Cyplex! You can join it at anytime!


Okay. I'm going to introduce myself. (SaikiKnon)

I am a nice person that would love to help many people! 

I have anger issues and I get very curious on things.

I play minehut everyday because it's my favorite server.

I host a server with 2 of my friends: Epicman590, and 7r6.

7r6 is sometimes crazy, just so you know.


It's still me, SaikiKnon, but I'm going to introduce you to the two others.

So, I'm gonna talk about Epicman590.

Epicman590 is a person that works hard. He has the console to Cyplex, and he uses it for a lot of things.

He is kind and loves to help others. 

He likes to stay unknown.


Time for 7r6.

7r6 has a weird personality. He can be crazy at times and other times he's just helping the staff on Cyplex.

7r6 met me on a server called FormedMC. I was administrator on it, and I loved helping it. He applied and got Moderator on Formed.

Anyways, he is also in 6th grade.

I think he also likes to stay unknown.


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Hola 👋

[VIP] - 2018/2019

[JR.MOD] - 28th April 2019
[SR.MOD] - 21st June 2019

[LEGEND] - 28th July 2020 (Resigned)


Discord - Criticyl#0002

IGN - Criticyl

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