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Trying to create Levels


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So im kinda new to skript plugin so i just wanna know if i could
make levels like when the player reaches 500 exp he level up by 1 level and the exp resets to 0 i made that along time ago but i can't remember how to do this again by using cmd blocks and scoreboard so i came here to see if skript can actually make levels and exp, thank you

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i mean custom ones if skript can't do that u can tell me how to do it by using scoreboard and command blocks here is  a simullar command i used before to create the levels and the exp system

/scoreboard objectives add Level dummy
/scoreboard objectives add Exp dummy

execute @a[lm=1,l=1,score_Exp_min=500,score_Level=1]
execute @a[lm=1,l=1,score_Level_min=500,score_Level=0] 
its was something like that when the players reaches 500 exp the exp resets to 0 and the players gain 1 level and so on so yeah and when the players reaches level 500 if he gain another level the level reset to level 0 again so please i want to make this so bad

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You would have to use a variable for experience and another one for levels.

Ex: {experience::%player's uuid%} and {level::%player's uuid%}

Then whenever you add to the exp variable you would have to check if the new value is greater than or equal to 500. A few useful tutorials for simple scripts like these can be found here and here.

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