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Issues with server difficulty changing on its own



Whenever we move between the two worlds we have on the server the difficulty switches to peaceful despite the fact that the server difficulty is set to normal, the only solution I've found is very short-term as restarting the server puts it back into normal (already quite annoying if we just want to play), but it will change again if anyone moves to the other world. Does anyone have any thought cause we have been trying to sort this for a couple of days now with no luck and it is beginning to get in the way of play.

First post so i hope this is in the right place


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You could try to use the /difficulty command, otherwise if you're using Multiverse please follow these steps:

1. Press on File Manager
2. Find the plugins folder, find the Multiverse Core folder and then open the worlds.yml file.
3. Change the difficulty to the desired difficulty.

I believe "/multiverse difficulty" is also a thing.

Hopefully this helps 🙂

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