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Renaming, Uploading and Accessing Worlds



I have a World (it's fully updated to 1.14.4) that I am trying to upload to the server (File size = 499.9MB).

Unfortunately it has a name in this format: Abc Defghij kl Mnopq

I have read the post on not naming worlds using spaces, but this world has been updated over the course of several years, so is an inherited problem. I have also read the posts and watched the videos on downloading and uploading worlds.

I can /ul the world via file.io by replacing the <SPACE>s with <%20>s and ensuring capitalisation matches, but I cannot then access the world.

1). How can I successfully rename the world here on my computer so that it is simpler (i.e. one word, or with "_" instead of spaces) and thus remove the problem? (If I just rename it in the launcher it doesn't fix the problem, because the folder names remain the same, resulting in the .zip file having the same problematic spaces in it's filename.)

2). If renaming the world and folders cleanly is not possible, what else could be preventing me accessing the transferred world. 

Thank you for you help.

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