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Player Report (_CHYZ)



  I'm reporting a Minehut Player, he goes by the name _CHYZ. He used to be staff on a server called "Mineralzz" I worked along him, one day he decided to start banning players for no reason. After he was removed from the staff team and banned, he started messing with one of our friends EpicGamerAlexMC. Alex owns his own server Skymined, _CHYZ was a staff member there. He took a worldedit wand and deleted the whole map. It's been a while since this happened but I have people who will back me up about this. _CHYZ needs to be banned off MH before he does this again. If you wish to contact me ingame my name is BoxHingster. My friend who was there Toast___ and EpicGamerAlexMC (The one who got his server destroyed)

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