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Help! I have a little prob with skript.


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I just want to change the location of a player by a skript comman but i dont know how it workss!

I've already got this:

command //warps:
    open virtual chest inventory with size 1 named "&0Warp Menu" to player
    format gui slot 0 of player with nether star named "&5Warp 1" to run:
      set location of player to 136 121 -137        <-----
      send "all set" to player

the one underlined doesn't work pls help me.

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You would have to teleport the player rather than setting their location. The correct syntax for teleporting would be:

teleport player to location(x, y, z, world("world"))

There is also a yaw & pitch option within the location function (the location function is the location(stuff)), yaw & pitch is used to set a player's direction, to use it, replace the location above with location(x, y, z, world("world"), 0.01, 0.01).

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