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Hey I have a suggestion for console, I don't know why this didn't come to me sooner but I would like to see if there is a way for minehut to at least be able to allow players  to use other server hosting consoles or make their own console using the data and stuff minehut provides to make everyone's console unique, Of course this would be a payed thing, most likely 1 time payment of credits. Oh and another suggestion while I'm at it, why not add every plugin you can find, this would make players lives easier, or even make it so that people can upload files, plugins etc. This would make minehut a whole lot better and I want to stay with it but its just to hard to when I have to script everything I want, script is super laggy atleast fork drupi and make a custom command handler so its less laggy then script but still as good as drupi. Please I want these both to be implemented and they are both great ideas, its just execution that'd be a problem, thanks for considering my ideas though.



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