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World destroyed. Server lost all op, whitelist and plugin saves



My friends and I had played on the server and everything was perfectly normal up until we logged off. I log in the next day and all the saved data from players being op and their bending from the avatar plugin was gone as well as whitelist turned off. I had to reop myself through the console in order to see what happened but still had no proper explanation with commands. All of the saves of bending moves and elements were gone. New world generations have gone over the top of a few weeks worth of building has also happened. I'm hoping that anyone has an explanation about what happened and how to fix it if possible.2019-11-18_12_21_10.thumb.png.d663363fd2f20d8806a7b787f7d86876.png2019-11-18_12_26_12.thumb.png.c2374313a73ca91e79e2af382c190882.png2019-11-18_12_27_52.thumb.png.0c1cf37b1cd2a1c45c084bf260f698df.png2019-11-18_12_34_36.thumb.png.d29a9a616b740c816b5bfa70f27d53ad.png

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