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My server keeps crashing every 10 minutes, even with players online



Every time I log on to my server, either from the multiplayer menu or from '/join [server]', after about 10 minutes it crashes with the following error code:

'The server you were previously on went down, you have been connected to a fallback server'

When I log back on, none of the progress is saved (unless I've done a '/save-all' within the ten minutes).

I've searched google, youtube and other forums but the only advice I'd found was to press 'Repair Files' in the danger zone. I did this but there was no effect and it kept crashing anyway.

I have posted tickets but it's been over two days now and I've had no reply.

I really love Minehut and everything about it and I would be REALLY grateful if somebody could help.

Thank you, Foe Fighter

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