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World downloading and saving



So I've recently discovered Minehut a few weeks back. I've been playing on a server of my own creation with my boyfriend, and we've been building our structures and edifices over time.

However, recently, we've reached a sort of pinnacle. At least, for us. I want to surprise him by giving him a download link of the world we've made together so he can visit it without needing me to start the server, so he can parade the world around like a sort of museum.

I've followed an old-ish, closed thread on this same topic. Tried /dl world and it didn't work. Said the file failed to upload. A moderator said that the issue was that the website Minehut uses to download worlds wasn't working at the moment. To me, it seems like the issue hasn't been fixed.

However, I'm also suspecting that the issue has been fixed, and something else is causing this problem.

Help would be appreciated!

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