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I'm back...


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Hello guys. I am kinda still getting used to minehut again because I just got unbanned a few weeks ago and I figured I should introduce myself to those that might now know me. So for those that do not know me, lemme tell you...


  • Making discord bots using Node.JS
  • Moderating
  • Developing servers
  • Interacting w/ others

I'm friendly and never try to be rude. I missed the community while I was gone and wanted to introduce myself again to the community. That's about it for me peace out folks.

If you want to contact me, DM my discord: CasualFry#1388. You can also DM my forums but I might take a while to respond. 

2016 Player

Discord: Artifacting#0001

Legend Rank

Professional Idiot

Mod @ ArUwU



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