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Skills script + gui leaderboard (mining)


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Just a script i made for a server, I decided to post it here mainly so new Skript developers can use it as reference and learn.

I removed the rewards (a gui) because they were specific to that server, i can send them if people are interested

This script is 100% working but it doesn't really affect the gameplay, the only thing mining levels do is show in a leaderboard so its just for fun if you want to add it to your server.



/skills (the skills menu)

/leaderboard mining (mining leaderboard)

/skillreset (resets all of the player related skills variables, requires permission)


- You can only gain mining exp when mining ores and without silk touch, this is to prevent getting xp by breaking rare blocks, replacing them and breaking them again


To new Skript developers this may look advanced, to experienced Skript developers this may look easy to make. This is something i made for a random server, I'm just posting this to help the community and not to showcase my skills or anything idiotic like that

Skills Public.sk

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