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Thruth about uminingpvp

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This will be edited later because I’m on my phone right now

So the truth.. Everybody wants it, and I had enough of the owners bs so I will just make this thread. I’m a former staff member and all this I’m saying is from a real source or my experience.

The Glitches - Well every server may have glitches you may say. But not on this level. On the server there is a command /income, when you type that command and lag you can enable an autoclicker and you will get 5x gens for 500K$ if you’re buying the Diorite one. This works for /shop also. If you have a chicken pet /pet you can use it to glide and you can teleport to it while in combat which has still not been fixed. More on glitches when I get on my PC

The rules - You are maybe like, oh every rule is in #information WRONG the rules haven’t been updated for a month now. And people always break the rules that aren’t written. And the worst part is THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT IT You can exploit the rules in many ways and you still won’t get banned if you’re smart.

3 The staff - I have never seen anybody except xMuel, hangtight, LoLMaybe and DNA_Test on the server. The server owner aka VORTEX is always AFK for playtime and when you call him out he just denies it. MHF_Doge that is the only owner I like on the server. He never abused unlike the others. Complex_Name the Staff Manager who got promoted from MOD to MANAGER in his first 2 days of playing. He will always makeup excuses etc. He even PERM banned me from DISCORD AND THE SERVER for “wanted to be banned”. He demotes Active and helpful staff and promotes inactive staff. The staff usually aren’t even moderating the server so you can cheat with no problems.                     

The Anticheat - Their AntiCheat is trash, just use reach at 3.6 and don’t fly and you won’t be caught EVER. Most of the staff don’t even know how to ScreenShare and look for cheats. Aka check strings etc. The AntiCheat is really easy to bypass, and when you are staff you are extempt from the anticheat (it doesnt work on you) so you can use KillAura etc without problems.

The community - I don’t have any problems with the community. They actually play the game legit unlike the staff.


-4QpZ Former JR.MOD (Resigned,Ip banned forever)

Pictures will be uploaded today at 7 pm UTC+1

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