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My friend and I are trying to download our world from Minehut; Only problem, we can't seem to download the Nether/End!



My friend and I spent quite a lot of time in our server, and would like to download it so that we could play on it even if we're not connected to the Internet/ if servers are busy to host our world. We were successful in downloading the progress we've made in the Overworld, and Minecraft recognizes it, and we are able to access it. However, our Nether highways were non-existence, and, by proxy, we assume, our Endermen farm in The End.

We looked through the forums on how to download our Nether world (and End as well), and while the consensus seems to be type "/dl world" while in the nether, that only made a replica of our Overworld. We tried typing "/dl world_nether" and "/dl world_Nether", both of which resulted in "world does not exist" messages. Here is a screenshot of the save file we got from Minehut of our Overworld. We noticed that the DIM1 and the DIM-1 folders are missing. How can we download them? And what steps need to be taken to "put them back in" our world?

Screenshot (2).png

Edit: It appears that the console may be seeing our attempts to download our world as "/dl world (Start) (World_nether)" instead of the world's name "Start World". Any way to rename or correct this system misunderstanding?

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